Friday, March 9, 2012


Today the world economy is a joke, to many CEO's writing themselves big paychecks and big bonuses to go with them. At the same time they are laying people off because they "cant afford to keep that many employes", excuse me Sr. that is some major BS. You made $2,000,000 last year and your telling me can't afford to employ 30 people at $40,000 a year those 30 people combined make barely more then half of what you do, cant you employ them and cut you salary? "ABSOLUTELY NOT I NEED THAT MONEY!". now I'm sorry i don't understand why anyone would NEED that much money, especially when a good livable salary is $50,000.

On top of that most American companies either hold most of thee money offshore for tax purposes, and or do all or most of there manufacturing anywhere other than the us. They say this saves money. but in reality this does more harm then good. because the hold money off shore the government doesn't take in any money from taxing the company, which hurts every one because in order to make up for the lost profit thy either have to tax everyone else more or cut government programs. also the doing most of your business over seas eliminates jobs for Americans.

the point of all of this is for those who read this and feel the same way to share their ideas in a friendly environment. it is my personal belief that it is the job of us the society to fix the problems created by the few greedy people. If people post an idea please do not steal the idea and try to make it happen that defeats the propose of this blog. only with their permission can you have anything to do with their idea if they chose to in act it.

thank you for reading i look forward to seeing your posts.